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Some Clients:

Competency Modeling Project

Talent Mapping for Decision Making Project

Carmen has 25+ years of experience in the competency industry, and Almagesto’s clients have achieved notable success in meeting difficult challenges using our services. 

Our client is a Spanish private University in the process of expansion. The strategic plan designed by the new Rector aims at innovation in university management.
Challenge and Solutions
The Rector wants a methodology that is easy to implement, cost effective, resonates with the employees, has results easy to interpret, adds value to the organization, and gives insight into the university’s culture, all in one simple, direct, and concise tool.

Almagesto’s Competency Model allows the University to address their challenges from a business strategy point of view rather than issue by issue. It creates a backbone for the entire organization. The project required the participation and involvement of 60% of the professionals from across the organization, and it was implemented over a period of 6 months.

Our client is a Spanish family-owned medium-size Audit, Consultancy, and Tax company with offices in Madrid and Barcelona and clients all over Spain. They partnered with us in order to tackle their end-to-end talent management needs.

Challenge and Solution
For a total of eight weeks, we successfully created the client’s talent map. Talent mapping helped the client to achieve competitive advantage by identifying and bridging the gap between the competencies that an employee actually possesses, and those they are expected to have to perform the job efficiently.

The client's ongoing project management ensures continued availability of qualified talent to address their current and future talent needs when it comes to recruiting, developing, promotion, or succession plans.

Helping clients craft their mission and vision statements

Our client is a Spanish digital marketing company with three partners. Each of the partners leads a business area, with an independent team, different customers, and budget. After years of professional activity, they realized that their approaches and business views differed significantly.

Challenge and Solution
They partnered with us in order to reexamine those business core elements that hold them together.

An internal communication plan is formulated so that the three partners are able to communicate the message in clear, simple and precise language in face-to-face sessions with all their employees.

Objectives & OKR definition Projects

The client is a Spanish private University in the process of expansion. The organization needed a tool that would provide more transparency and efficiency. They began by looking for better ways to manage their goals and align their projects and activities, something generally developed by multidisciplinary teams in different departments and Schools.

Challenge and Solutions
They partnered with us in order to implement an OKR system. For a total of four weeks, we successfully created the client’s OKR system that required a fair amount of onboarding and training for consultants, leaders, and employees.

The University achieved its goals concerning better alignment with results,
clarity, transparency, and efficiency, avoiding duplicities in terms of structure
and tasks. Nowadays OKR training has become a standard cycle in the
organization's onboarding process.

Leadership Development Programs

Creativity & Innovation through Art Workshops

Our client is an industrial manufacturer dedicated to preparing and preserving fish (premium quality anchovies, Bluefin tuna) and other ready-
made meals. Its robotic logistics center can reach customers quickly. The
company products can be found in more than 40 different countries.


Challenge and Solution
The company requested us to design and implement a Leadership Development Program for its Commercial Team of 15 professionals, some of
them newly appointed to different territories under its expansion policy. The
purpose of the Program is  “To be found in the main national and international supply chains and be the first choice of customers”. The Program consists in a two-stages program with six face-to-face training
actions for a total period of nine months. We were engaged to facilitate the
necessary training so they felt prepared in both skill and mindset for the added responsibilities that would be expected of them in their new roles.


The team’s structure was improved to better prepare and carry out customer
visits, strengthen communication systems across their areas, achieve higher
levels of understanding of key drivers of the business, and significantly improve key leadership skills and competences contributing to their motivation and confidence.

Our client is a Business School leader in international rankings. 

Challenge and Solutions
The Associate Professors is a multi-disciplinary group of excellence made up of professionals from a variety of disciplines under enormous pressure to achieve results The Business School partnered with us to have them participate
in an artistic experience to explore a variety of Skills and Competencies central
to their professional development.

This program achieved an excellent score. Due to its success, different courses
were performed for different professionals, e.g. Program Directors and Managers, that and responsible for leading their teams, staff, and Program students.

Foto IE_reunion profesores_2011.jpg

Coaching Case Studies

Logistics Industry

Personal Care Industry

Cloud Computing Industry

The newly appointed Country Manager of Spain and Portugal had problems of cultural integration and friction with the executive team. After having been successfully expatriated by his company for more than 15 years in different countries and continents, he could not connect with his team or obtain the desired results in the territory due to his particular leadership style, interpersonal skills, and inability to grasp and align with the national culture.

The leader made a conscious effort to develop a variety of leadership styles, and new habits of asking input from others before offering opinions, feedback techniques, cultural awareness, and adopted stress management strategies to reduce self-induced pressure. The next year, and due to the outstanding results achieved in Spain and Portugal, he was successfully promoted to Regional District Director, and Country Manager of Canada (ranked #2 country for the company worldwide).

The CEO of a complete line of products felt frustrated and needed guidance to manage outward perception of being a micro-manager and very good only dealing with crisis, and achieving success in high risk business management, but not as much when the business was already successful, in order to achieve even better results. In-depth assessment yielded a natural tendency to have extremely high standards for self and others.

Action and development plan focused on developing a variety of leadership styles, delegation, team building and team development. The leader made a conscious effort to develop new habits of asking input from others before offering opinions, and adopted stress management strategies to reduce self- induced pressure.

Highly successful Partner and member of the national Board of Directors (Spain and Portugal) needed to develop subtle influencing skills in order to operate at the next level (becoming a member of the International Board of Directors in the HQs). The leader had developed a reputation of being argumentative and highly confrontational with peers, direct reports, and other stakeholders.

The leader was offered the promotion within a year. Areas of focus for development centered around listening, asking probing questions, understanding others, motivating others, constructive feedback techniques, and withholding opinions until they were
specifically requested.

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