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Our Story

Almagesto was born 15 years ago, with the purpose and passion of aligning strategy, leadership, and culture for company success, adding value to our clients by providing innovative solutions tailored to their needs in strategy and people. We have come a long way since then, working for clients from a wide range of industries and sectors, countries and nationalities, incorporating new practices, partnering and collaborating with companies and professionals from many different disciplines to offer creative solutions to increase value and continue growing.
Along these years, Almagesto has provided expertise in senior management profiles for top multinational customers, to provide the best solutions.

In 2005, Carmen Morales, our founder, already had 15 years of professional experience in multinational consultancy and in the corporate world. Her passion and specialization was always to offer tailored, boutique solutions and a personalized service.  Almagesto is named after an astronomical catalog by the Greek astronomer and geographer Claudio Ptolemy. This name was adopted as it is this search for knowledge that characterizes our company.

We like to think that our Almagesto represents a starting point for new enthusiasm, love for knowledge, different organizational cultures, leadership development and accurate talent measurement. We have achieved this with enthusiasm, dedication, respect for the client, and passion for what we do; accompanying and listening to people throughout the process, and saying what needs to be said for the commitment to their success.


Carmen's background includes +25 years of experience as a Consultant, Facilitator, Executive Coach and Professor in Leadership, Change and Communication. She has an Executive MBA and an Executive Coaching certificate from the ICF.

Her main skills as a Coach are meeting the ethical and professional standards, establishing trust with the client, active listening, powerful questioning, direct and open communication, creating awareness, helping to design actions, managing progress and accountability.

Connections With Coaching

CM_3 copia.png

Carmen is fully committed to assisting clients in moving from their current circumstances to exploring, realizing and achieving their fullest potential in their day-to-day lives, careers and businesses. As a consultant, facilitator and executive coach, she supports others in creating what they want to create, consciously, from a place of choice. She knows what it takes to be successful and passionately challenges her clients to achieve their personal best. She is fascinated by the function of resistance in our lives and how we can work with resistance to let go of beliefs and life strategies that no longer serve us. Out of this process come more flexibility, harmony, and compassion for self and others.

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